Beginner’s Mind

Written by Andrea Neal, PhD. Traditions are lovely when they create connection – to childhood memories, our family, or our community. Baking is my favorite way of keeping family traditions alive.  This week I will be baking my German mother-in-law’s Vanillekipferl Cookies, my mom’s Date Ball recipes, and, of course, the quintessential holiday cookie – Read more about Beginner’s Mind[…]

Under the Sea

Written by Alisa Burpee, PhD. When I was a child I was afraid of the automatic pool cleaner. Later in childhood this fear embarrassingly transferred to perhaps the most innocuous of sea life: seaweed and kelp. My friends will attest, I avoid the shores of Lake Washington, and its weeds, like the plague. When I Read more about Under the Sea[…]

Icicle Creek

The Challenges of “Getting Away from It All”

Written by Andrea Neal, PhD Last month I visited the mountains and valleys surrounding Leavenworth, one of my favorite places in Washington State.  Despite the beautiful landscape, I found myself engaged in the typical patter in my head:   planning, fretting, stewing, judging.  This quickly led to an adversarial conversation with myself. “But this is my Read more about The Challenges of “Getting Away from It All”[…]