July 14, 2016

Services We Provide

We provide high-quality, evidence-based, mindfulness training to adults.

In our half-day and eight-week class series you will learn techniques to

  • focus your attention
  • quiet your mind
  • decrease judgments
  • change your relationship to your thoughts and emotions.

Our half-day classes are offered on weekends in a mini-retreat format. Due to the shorter time commitment, it is an approachable format for those wanting a taste of mindfulness to determine interest in pursuing a longer format or as a standalone mini-retreat.

The weekly class series builds on an accumulation of knowledge and practice over eight weeks, from basic to more advanced techniques.  We feel strongly people will benefit most from attending all eight sessions.

Mindfulness techniques and practices have been associated with positive physical and mental health outcomes. See our Resources page for articles on the evidence supporting these techniques as well as other topics.  

See our Upcoming Events page for more details and registration information.