Written by Alisa Burpee, PhD.

We are excited to announce the launch of our website and the expansion of our services to include mindfulness-based half-day retreats, eight-week classes, and our blog! Andrea Neal and I (Alisa Burpee) have been in private practice on the Eastside of Puget Sound for several years. In addition to the time we spend in private practice, our dream, which was conceived over a strong cup of coffee on a misty morning in Seattle, was to share our passion for mindfulness in a practical way with the Seattle and Eastside community. While Seattle is quite rich with mindfulness resources, we saw a gap in services available on the Eastside and realized a desire to fill that void.

We felt we had something distinct to offer as trained clinical psychologists to the introduction and practice of mindfulness. We are uniquely aware of the barriers that often arise in forming new habits and implementing new skills in daily life. We envisioned small group formats in order to offer a high level of attention to each participant while utilizing the group dynamic to stimulate discussion, compare experiences, and discover alternative perspectives. We believe the specialized environment of our classes and retreats optimizes learning and growth.

After our first successful group in February 2016, we want to increase our presence and provide a streamlined place for participants to access the blog and our events via our website.

Welcome to Mountain Air Mindfulness!


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